May 15 2021 

How to get the most out of your experience with Ultra Capital!
Ultra Capital has now settled into the funding scene and has had the pleasure of already working with a broad range of traders from all over the world from a collectively vast, diverse tracking backgrounds!
We are eternally thankful for the support and are committed to pushing the envelope to find truly talented risk managers from all walks of life!
As our main vision as a company is to find and recruit the best risk managers available, we wanted to share some tips and tricks to getting the most out of trading with us:
1.    Trading Plans:
Although we are currently not using Trading Plans to filter applications, we strongly suggest you take the time to devise one for yourself. 

It doesn't need to be fancy, but just needs to be practical. Like a GPS in your car, this is the map that guides you to success. 

This will not only keep you disciplined and on track, but keep you accountable when you break your own rules. Every professional trader follows one.
2.    Trading Tools for Execution:
Make use of our exclusive offers in our Trading Tools section. There are thousands of tools available on the world wide web, all designed to help you stay consistent. 
If you are worried about forgetting to place a Stop Loss on an order during your accreditation, make sure you use a trade execution tool that will ensure that every trade you place has one included. 

If you are worried about duplicating trades on multiple terminals? Use a Trade Copier.
The more you minimize your human intervention, the less execution mistakes will happen.
3.    Use our Demo Account to your advantage!
Although our liquidity platform is not from a broker, we have ensured that every Ultra Capital Trader is given an optional FREE Non Expiring Demo Account to test their trading and our platform before they begin trading for real in their accreditation.

The team strongly suggests taking advantage of this to ensure your tools and execution are all working before you start. 
4.    Ditch the Paycheck Mentality!
Trading Psychology can get the best of us at any time. It's hard enough juggling all the pitfalls the market throws at us. 
To assist with staying as neutral to the market as possible. Relax. Don't approach your Accreditation with us like its your only shot at becoming a professional!
Investopedia states that: "Statistics indicate that most annual profits are booked on  just a handful of trading days!" Pay for effort reward mentality is at odds with the natural flow of trading wins and losses during the course of a year.

So relax, trade your strategy, don't be surprised that you may need to attempt multiple accreditation attempts before your strategy hits it's stride and we can remove the time limits. Embrace the knowledge that, profitability comes from being in the market, not timing it.

Christian, Ultra Capital Fund Support.


April 6th 2021 

There’s really nothing that sexy about the prop firm industry. 

As traders ourselves, collectively, we have passed, and failed, some 8 different online prop firm trials and heard the numerous stories of countless traders through the many different communities we are part of. 

On the surface, we may appear no different. We have one-time fee plans, attractive profit splits, a process for traders to back themselves, but behind the scenes we made it our vision to create something vastly different.

Through the experience of many, we have had the unique ability to witness all the problems with today’s capital funding industry and develop a new way of doing things. Firstly, when we pitched our business proposition in whole or in part, to 5 different liquidity providers, we were met with incredulity.

“Could a group of passionate Fintech advocates, really use a mix of traditional proprietary induction elements applied to a conventional online funding platform whilst removing most of the obstacles that modern day prop firms deploy to create a shrewd but often misaligned selection process?” 

It just didn’t make sense, to enforce a profitable trader to battle a giant gauntlet of conditions that force them to chip away their consistent strategy, without consideration to the key ingredients which make them consistent in the first place! And one of the LP’s, 100% agreed with us.

“It’s not what we do occasionally that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robbins

Using one of YouTube’s fastest growing Forex Trading channel’s risk guidelines, as a realistic, sensible benchmark, along with an AI monitoring system provided by our backer, we have created a what we believe is a very attractive and viable alternative to the other prop firm options online today. 

We let all our decisions be guided by 2 simple beliefs: 

“Protect capital without strangling talent” & “Make sure our model rewards us for finding good traders. Not selling evaluations.”

We are far from perfect, a resolute work in progress. But armed with a genuine funding blueprint that is truly incentivized by trader success, our belief is that we will all achieve our purpose in life together. 

Be patient with us, we are fresh, agile and ready to match the right people with our generous benefactors. 

The early demand has been quite substantial. We will be talking to you real soon!


Ritchie “RJ” Satina, Head of Trading.