As part of the Investor Board’s annual review of liquidity, funding models and partnerships, Ultra Capital Fund is excited to announce our partnership with leading FX and CFD’s Broker, EightCap for regulated broker and investment allocations.

Ultra Capital’s dev teams have worked hard to integrate the accreditation & AI monitoring systems into EightCap’s award winning MT4 and MT5 platform to introduce next generation security, stability and lightning fast execution to our Accreditation and Live Traders for improved user experience and more diverse funding options for consistent, career driven retail traders.




When and Why use the Migration Reset?
To make the journey easier, we are giving our UltraSmart traders a once off opportunity to boost their probability of success!

Is making the 6% target unlikely within the time remaining?:
Our UltraSmart Model is based on an average of 1% profit per month of the review period and many traders might be behind that average due to drawdown or mistakes. 

  • Find yourself in drawdown from errors and now it's going to be hard to make it back?
  • Find yourself behind in growth and have a major chance of not passing in time?
  • Find yourself in profit but might not make the 6% target in time?

A classic example: if you might be at 2% drawdown, three months into your review period requiring you to achieve 8% consistently within 3 months – the probability of passing becomes very unrealistic.


Got bought a $25k, $50k, or $100k plan and wish you chose a higher plan?
Take the opportunity to get that larger funding plan you originally wanted! Submit your details to reset for migration to get that bigger plan for a fraction of the original cost!

All past traders, whether failed, breached, or expired, are included!
Over the past year, we have evolved and met hundreds of fascinating traders who have wanted to find a better way to go pro. 

The many traders who tried to complete the accreditation are ALSO included to receive the benefits of the Ultra8 Platform!

So for ANY reason, if you did not pass your accreditation in the past, you can now take advantage of this special tactical reset and start a NEW accreditation with a better trading platform and an increased chance of passing with all the mighty changes made!



Restart your Journey for 50% OFF!


Reset into our new Ultra8 Platform and enjoy 8Cap liquidity along with other exclusive benefits including:

  • The onboarding process is simpler, you start trading your accreditation straight away.

  • You get a 14 day "grace" period to adjust to prop trading with a 100% Money back guarantee if it's not for you

  • You now get 3 strikes before being reset/disqualified instead of instant termination.

  • You still get the industry leading, 6% profit target with a huge 8% drawdown.

  • You now get options to extend your time or use a tactical reset if you make critical errors which affect your chances of passing.

  • You get nearly double the markets to trade! (50+ FX Markets)  Gold and Silver is also still available!

  • You get 1:10 leverage, which is almost double all our like for like competitors.

  • You start with a 60% profit share and can scale to 80%! A huge increase!

This Ultra8 Smart Plan 50% OFF Migration Offer is only available to a limited number of past and present traders. 

To be included in this once-off 50% discount offer, fill in your user and account details in the form below to reset the account and start your migration process!

Note: Submitting the migration form will remove the AI monitor from any existing UltraSmart account you have and reset your progress - the reset is process commences immediately! 

Within 24 hours of your migration form being received, your Client Dashboard will be reset and payment options displayed. Instructions will also be sent to your email to complete your migration.

Currently, you can complete your Migration using the following Methods:

PayPal: Available: please follow the instructions and links for paypal payment

Debit or Credit Card: Available please follow the instructions and links for credit/debit payment.

Wise: Available: please contact requesting which bank account details (US, Australia, British, European) you would like to send the migration payment to and our team will give you the relevant details to complete your payment.

Direct Bank Transfer: Available: Same as Wise payment.

Eightcap is an ASIC Regulated, Award Winning Global CFD and FX broker. We have partnered with 8Cap to provide the best platform experience available to our traders at the same time as becoming a safe, secure and reliable destination for sophisticated investors to provide funding to our LPMs.

The Ultra Smart Migration to the new Ultra8 Platform is now available with a 50% discount for:

  • All current traders in the UltraSmart Accreditation Program. No matter your progress, you can opt to migrate to reset your plan and migrate to the new Ultra8 Platform and start afresh with increased chances of passing!
  • All past traders who attempted the UltraSmart Plan in the past but for one reason or another did not succeed. You may have had a catastrophic drawdown and abandoned, ran out of time, or made a mistake that ended your attempt. All of you can also take part in this special opportunity to try again with increased odds of passing and more flexibility for mistakes!

If you are already a funded LPM of Ultra Capital, migration is not required for you.

Migration is designed for all PAST and CURRENT accreditation users (traders being reviewed for funding) to take advantage of an incredible option to move to Ultra8 Plans using a special tactical reset, to increase their chances of passing. 

As an already funded trader, an LPM does not need to increase their chances of passing as they have already passed.

Current LPMs CAN add an Ultra8 Account to their portfolio. Please apply for an additional account on the Ultra8 Platform to verify for additional investor backing.

If you have an existing Ultra Capital Accreditation in progress and have multiple accounts, you can submit to migrate all of them however, you will ONLY be allowed to receive the 50% discount on ONE account at this time.

Our recommendation is to submit for your migration on ONE account at this time to receive the 50% discount and continue to trade the other accounts to full funding, or, upon the expiry of the other accounts, contact our support team to discuss options for other accounts to be moved to Ultra8

The 50% OFF Migration Offer (Migrate at a 50% discount) will only be available for a limited time and is available to ALL PAST and CURRENT Ultra Capital Traders.

If you intend to migrate your account for the best price, be sure to secure your 50% discount as soon as possible!

Upon filling in your details and account numbers, your account will be offloaded from the program. The AI monitor will be removed from your UltraSmart account and your accreditation on the specified plan has now ended!

You will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm this has taken place and the migration process will be outlined.

Next Steps:

  • Within the next 12-24 hours, your client portal will be reset, and the new Ultra8 Payment Options will be available for you to purchase your new Ultra8 Smart Account.
  • Please keep checking your client portal for the payment options to become available
  • Once we receive payment your account will be provisioned, and you will receive an email with your credentials and will be able to start trading.